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American Civil War: Gettysburg

American+Civil+War+Gettysburg American Civil War: Gettysburg

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American Civil War: Gettysburg is a turn-based strategy title which puts you in command of the South or North during many key engagements during the Battle of Gettysburg. Take up the flag of the Confederacy or check Southern aggression with the Union in many historic missions, such as Picket’s Charge and the defense of Little Round Top.The gameplay is rich in strategy with flanking, height advantages, and different unit types, yet keeps things fairly simple and the interface is crisp and easy to use. The tried and true turn-based action plays out on maps that are divided in classic war game hexagons, and you really get to examine the field and issue orders to place your units where they can be most effective.Some war gamers might be a little put off by the fact that every unit serves a clear purpose during a mission and most missions play out in a relatively small area. Don’t expect to be commanding huge forces, managing resources, or any kind of diplomacy as the action is a bit more simplified.Also, there were some confusing instances concerning the outcomes of some of the battles. It was quite puzzling to see non-entrenched infantry putting up a surprising fight against fully covered troops or calvary being utterly decimated by cannons. This may have been put in there to replicate the unpredictability of war but it can get a bit distressing when such instances throw a wrench in your carefully laid out plans.

Playdownstation+FREE+FULL+VERSION+PC+GAMES+TRAILER American Civil War: Gettysburg


* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* Processor: Pentium III 800
* Memory: 128 MB
* 400 MB free hard disk space

Playdownstation+Download+Free+Full+Version+PC+Games American Civil War: Gettysburg

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