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Marvel fans have enjoyed an embarrassment of riches in mainstream entertainment recently, with the biggest stars in the Marvel universe enjoying their moment on the silver screen and in a plethora of video games. The next Marvel icon set for the big-time treatment is the illustrious Iron Man, who’s set to be the centerpiece of an action blockbuster in spring 2008 and a video game from Sega at around the same time. Though it’s still very early in development, we got a chance to get a quick peek at the game to see where it’s heading.



OS : Windows XP or Vista
Processor : 2.4 + GHz Intel or 2.0 + GHz AMD
RAM : 1 GB RAM (XP); 2 GB RAM (Vista)
Video : NVIDIA GeForce 6 series(6800GT or better);ATI 1300XT or better (X1550, X1600 Pro andHD2400 are below minimum system requirements)
HDD : 12 GB

Playdownstation+Download+Free+Full+Version+PC+Games Iron Man

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