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To be blunt, quite possibly the best game ever. 150 units with the release version, Including Aircraft carriers, Fusion Reactors, Factories, Aircraft, Submarines, Boats, units, long-range artillery guns Huge Massive Lasers, Pumping guns, and Thundering explosions. Everything is presented in a lovely 3D environment, with hand painted terrain. Units over the rough terrain, rock and shake, and shudder and roll when getting hit by the vast array of weapons.

Playdownstation+FREE+FULL+VERSION+PC+GAMES+TRAILER Total Annihilation


Pentium 4 CPU
128 Mb RAM
1 Gb Hard Drive Space
4x CD-Rom
Sound Blaster Compatible
VGA 256 Color Video
Playdownstation+Download+Free+Full+Version+PC+Games Total Annihilation

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