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4×4 Evolution 2

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info 4x4 Evolution 2
4×4 Evolution takes a unique approach to off-road racing. Most off-road games from the past feature arcade gameplay complete with turbo boosts and weapons. 4×4 Evolution makes its mark as a simulation by allowing you to purchase new parts to upgrade your vehicle. There are 70 licensed trucks in 4×4 Evolution from manufacturers like Dodge, Nissan, Lexus, and Ford, and you may upgrade your truck’s appearance, chassis, engine, suspension, electronics, and drivetrain. The upgrades are expensive, and you often have to invest in several prerequisite parts before you can purchase a significant upgrade. For instance, in order to jump up to a new engine size, you must first install a high-capacity fuel pump, a new air filter, and a race exhaust.
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241ukgg 4x4 Evolution 2
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system 4x4 Evolution 2
Windows XP
Pentium 200MHz MMX
300MB hard disk space
100% DirectX7 compatible 3D accelerator with 4MB texture RAM
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