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Air Conflicts

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Aces of World War I combine elements of an action game and a flight simulator. The Creators’ goal was to Achieve a precise and realistic modeling of planes? behavior in the air, although not at the cost of the attractiveness of the game. The realistic and at the Same Time is very impressive way of modeling the surroundings offers the player a thrilling experience. Three-dimensional clouds you can actually hide in, and the fact that the sun can really blind you, create totally new possibilities Tactical. Strategy while deciding upon your victorious, you can also make use of Different landscapes. The action of the game takes place on the front of the First World War. Aeroplanes can fly the most famous player of that time. There are three game modes; airman career by scenario, single mission and multiplayer network game. Player can fight with many opponents in the air and in the ground.
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airconflictsacesofworld Air Conflicts
airconflictsacesofworld Air Conflicts
airconflictsacesofworld Air Conflicts
system Air Conflicts
Processor: Celeron 400 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Video Card: 3D accelerator, 16MB RAM
Operating System: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.0
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