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Army Men RTS features a custom-designed interface for the PS2 and intuitive controls for the PC. Army Men: RTS forces players to think about how to strategically build and manage troops, vehicles and buildings while involved in all-out war. Army Men RTS is what plastic soldiers were moulded for. Featuring easy-to-learn, intuitive controls and a comprehensive tutorial, Army Men RTS allows players to collect resources and build bases before the Tans can retaliate. Army Men RTS also includes a manipulative camera system that allows players to view the game in an overhead, bird’s eye mode or right down in the action as the troops take on the Tans. Across three gameplay modes including Campaign and Great Battles for both formats and dedicated LAN and Internet multiplayer modes for the PC version, Army Men RTS players are constantly faced with a variety of challenges and strategic decisions throughout the game that have direct impact on the abilities of the troops.
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system Army Men
* OS: Windows 2000 or PWindows XP.
* CPU: Pentium 233 MHz
* RAM: 64 MB
* HDD: 250 MB free disk space
* Graphics: 16 MB Graphics Card
* Sound Card: DirectX 8 Compatible or later
* DirectX: Version 8 or later
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