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Divine Divinity

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info Divine Divinity
Many thousand years ago the Council of Seven in the magic land Rivellon sacrificed himself in the fight against a group of disloyal magicians, who had passed over to the dark side of magic. To remember the Council of Seven, the “Divine Order” was founded to pass on the knowledge of the wise men to the next generations. Two thousand years later signs such as civil unrest, war, hatred and greed indicate that the dark side has become strong again and that they are preparing a new attack on Rivellon. The prophecies of the wise men had mentioned a divine saviour of the Seven Races. This person shall be found and blessed in a secret ceremony before he/she falls into the enemys hands …
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system Divine Divinity
Windows 98/2000/XP/ME
Pentium II 450MHz
8MB DirectX compatible Video Card
4X CD-ROM drive
DirectSound compatible Sound Card
2.5GB Hard Drive Space
640×480 Resolution
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