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Hot Wheels: MechaniX

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info Hot Wheels: MechaniX
Grab your X-Tool® parts and driving gloves and get ready to race! Mechanix™ Racing brings the line of Hot Wheels™ Mechanix™ cars to the PC for racing and adventure excitement. You can collect car parts and X-Tool® points on different racetracks to further customize your cars. These Mechanix™ parts give better performance to each car — you can add wings to fly over obstacles or off-road tires to drive full-speed through a series of mud patches! Choose a Mechanix™ Car and hit the racetracks to compete for first place. You will begin with a choice of only 6 Cars. Unlock additional Cars by collecting X-Tool®parts or by finishing 1st on each race. Avoid the obstacles, or equip your Car with upgrades to drive through them! Before you can play the Championship track Asteroid Belt, you will have to unlock all 12 cars. So put the pedal to the metal and go for first place, picking up the X-Tool® as you race your way to victory.
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Game Screen Shots

hot790screen001 Hot Wheels: MechaniX
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system Hot Wheels: MechaniX
Pentium® II 233MHz with MMX
4MB Video Card
32MB Available RAM
100MB HD Space
Windows® 95, 98, ME
MS DirectX® 8
Sound card (100% DirectX compatible)
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