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Jaws Unleashed

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info Jaws Unleashed
Based on the monster hit Universal film series, this shark adventure game Jaws (originally known as Sole Predator) has players assume the role of the most feared predator on earth, the Great White Shark. Driven mad by human infiltration of its home waters, the shark will stop at nothing to eliminate the human threats to its existence. Armed with 3000 teeth and powered by 5000 pounds of muscle, players fight their way through 20 missions set in fully destructible environments devouring everything in their path. Set in an accurately modeled undersea world, Jaws combines high-speed action and combat in a truly unique fashion. While defending themselves from other predators and humans that wish to destroy them, players will hunt down and annihilate their victims… piece by piece.
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Game Screen Shots

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k0hx5u Jaws Unleashed
35358iq Jaws Unleashed
system Jaws Unleashed
Windows 98 se/2000/me/xp (only)
1.0 GHz Pentium III and AMD Athlon
256 mb of RAM
64 MB GeForce 3 or higher or ATI Radeon 8500 or higher and EAX 2.0 or higher compatible sound card
DirectX 9.0 or higher compatible sound card
DirectX 9.0 or higher (included)
4.0 gb minimum hard drive space
16X or better
Windows -compatible keyboard and mouse
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