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Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX

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info Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX
Using the same engine as Road Champs BXS Stunt Biking, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX uses everything that was good about its predecessor and takes it to another level. Like Road Champs, this game is very easy to play; gamers of any skill level should be able to master the basic gameplay. The developers at HotGen Studios have incorporated eight professional BMX riders into the game, and each pro possesses a set of signature tricks. Tricks are performed in one- or two-button combinations that often mix simultaneous button and directional pad commands. The instruction manual lists the combos for all the basic and signature tricks.

Gamers can tear it up on dirt, street, or vert tracks in a plethora of modes spanning eight locations, 16 courses, and 40 events. As you advance, you’ll be rewarded with medals and magazine covers. Earn enough and you’ll unlock additional levels and bikes. You’ll need to keep a pen handy, as the game doesn’t allow you to save your progress–it eschews in-game saves for a password system. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX captures the perfect blend of gameplay in handheld games–it’s easy to learn, yet has enough variety to keep things compelling for a long time.
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system Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX
System: Pentium III 800MHz processor or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB
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