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info Pharaoh
The third in Impressions city building series, Pharaoh takes place in ancient Egypt. Take on the role of a family and follow it through Egypt’s dynasties, perform well and one day you might become Pharaoh! This is a simcity like game but offers so much more! Manage trade, immigration, farming and the military all while building the grandest monuments to grace a monitor! Pharoah is a deep game that offers much to those who enjoy the challange of building cities and making them grow.
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Game Screen Shots

pharaoh1 Pharaoh
pharaoh790screen004 Pharaoh
pharaoh790screen003 Pharaoh
system Pharaoh
Pentium 133 Mhz
32 Mb RAM
Windows 95/98/XP
360 Mb Minimum Install size
100 Mb Swap file on your Windows drive.
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