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Conflict: Denied Ops

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info Conflict: Denied Ops

The game is played in a first person perspective, instead of the third person viewpoint of the four preceding titles, and is also the first game in the Conflict series which does not feature four main characters. Denied Ops is based around two CIA operatives, each having his own weapon and style: a sniper named Lincoln Graves who uses an SR-25 with an undermounted M26 MASS, and a machine gun operator named Reggie Lang who uses an M249 PARA with an undermounted M320 grenade launcher.[1] The two characters have quite opposite personalities. Lang is rather loud and noisy while Graves is quiet and stealthy.

trailer Conflict: Denied Ops

Game Screen Shots

20934normal1 Conflict: Denied Ops
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system Conflict: Denied Ops

128MB DirectX 9 with SM3.0 support
Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz or Equivalent
1024 MB

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