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Crazy Taxi 3

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Crazy Taxi 3 inherits the tradition of mini-games from the Crazy Taxi series. Crazy X consists of three levels, each testing a different criteria of skills e.g. Steering, use of Crazy Dash, Crazy Drift etc.By completing all of level 1, maps of the locations are available on the menu which includes all the destinations and short-cuts. Completing level 2 will provide you with three more different types of vehicle to ride on: Stroller, Bike and Carriage.

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crazytaxi3highroller372 Crazy Taxi 3
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1 GHz processor Pentium III/AMD Athlon, Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, 256 MB RAM, 500 MB Hard disk Space, Geforce 3/ATI Radeon 8500 or higher, (except MX) Matrox Parhelia

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