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Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition

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It contained the original game, Deeper Dungeons, the 3D patches, and a game editor. It also came with an additional novella of sorts, recounting the tale of a hero killed while exploring the dungeons. Most of the additions were put on Bullfrog’s website, and the Gold Edition was discontinued until EA Digital Illusions CE did a repackage of Dungeon Keeper Gold.

Deeper Dungons Expansion – An add-on disk for Dungeon Keeper featuring new missions, better graphics and a few new features.
Patches for both programs already applied for your convenience.
Level Editor.
Desktop Theme with sounds and backdrops.
Dungeon Keeper – Sometimes you just need to express your dark side. In Dungeon Keeper, you’re the boss of a horrible, rotten-smelling dungeon, and you must keep all of your loathsome, demonic creatures in line. If that weren’t enough to keep you busy, your lair is continually invaded by hoards of idealistic “heroes” wanting to slay you, proclaim a triumph over evil, and go back to a village feast in their honor. What’s an evil boss to do? Unleash your minions, set deadly traps, cast spells, and punish them with your torture devices. And most of all, teach those dumb do-gooders a lesson.
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Playdownstation+Download+Free+Full+Version+PC+Games Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition

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