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Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3 USA [MEGAUPLOAD]

51uGa4oGmeL Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3 USA [MEGAUPLOAD]

In the new Story Mode, follow the ascent and fall of heroes. In Dynasty Warriors 7, experience a new Story Mode and follow the captivating story of our Kingdoms battling for rule of China. Experience the individual tales of the Shu, Wu, Wei and the new Jin kingdomes as they shape China from the warring chaos at the end of the Later Han period to the division of the Land into Three Kingdoms. Take your faction through this key point in history and tell the story of the Dynasty that rose to seize power and unify the countryonce again.

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Game informations:
-Type: Beat’em all / Action
-Date: 28.03.2011
-Language: ENG
-Format : ISO
-Parts Size: 19.96 GB
-Size after decompression: 20 GB
-Tested with: NTSC USA

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